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E-Commerce built websites by Design Demons

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Shopping online has become an increasingly popular and trusted due to advancements in cart technology and a higher quality of web fulfilment. You never have to leave the house and this type of shopping suits a lot of people who don't have time on their hands.

At Design Demons, I use the OS Commerce shopping cart or one of the many cart components available on the Joomla! platform mentioned on the content management page.

From what I have learnt firsthand selling goods on the internet, is that the customer is empowered with a choice of products available (unless you are lucky enough to have a niche product) and the credit card, customers want products fast and at a good price. They hate never ending forms to fill in and payment systems that are difficult to understand. The fewer steps it takes to complete an online transaction the better to save from 'cart abandonment'.

To have an e-commerce website you will need a secure payment gateway, for start up or small business' the least hassle is PayPal although they take quite a high percentage from every transaction, it’s about 3.7% to start with. Another good one is Google checkout as if you run a Google Adwords campaign alongside it, the more you spend with Adwords the less you pay in transaction percentage. Both these methods are easy to install into either OS Commerce or Joomla! sites. We can look at these options in greater detail if you decide to have your e-commerce site built with me.

I am also a keen photographer with small studio equipment if you need product shots taken for the website.
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