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Low Cost Custom Made Web Site Designs for all business'

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Creative, cleanly designed and easy to navigate websites are my passion, custom-made from scratch and tailored to your exact requirements.  

When starting a custom-made website from scratch,
design ideas will be based on the brief which should include your company identity, logo, colours & literature. A bespoke design and logo can be made from scratch for start up projects or business'.

It is also useful
to look at any other websites, your competitors, or websites in general that you like the look and feel of.

The next step will be for me to go away and conceptualise your design and make the first couple of drafts in Photoshop for you to either approve or send back for revisions. I have learnt not to be too precious about my initial designs, if you don’t like them then we will carry on until you do without a problem before any payment has been made. Whether I am starting a large corporate web site or a 1 - 3 page website, the initial design process is much the same and deserves just as much input.

Once a web design has been approved I will then put up a test site so you can view the website being built and let me know of any last minute changes as we go. 

After initial design approval, I normally ask for half the payment and the other half once the project has been completed.

SEO: There is more information on my SEO services here >
If you decide to go with the advanced keyword research option then these keywords will be placed strategically throughout the website.
Please note: Your website will still be optimised with standard keywords, only without the time it takes to research your targeted keywords & target audience included.

During the development I will be:

  • Optimising the copy with keywords
  • Optimising the back-end, files and folders
  • Optimising meta & header tags
  • Compress the size of any graphics, videos & mp3's
  • Testing functionality of navigation & any content management systems in place

Occasionally a template may be used to speed along the design process and sometimes we will copy the layout from a template but change the design and colours to suit, a kind of half-way house. We can look at all the options available and choose a development that will specifically suit your requirements.

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