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Design Demons build Content Management Systems with Joomla

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Content Management Systems or CMS are a great way to keep your website up to date by changing or amending any of the content on there. Once you sign in to your web site you will be given the option to change the text on any of the pages with an editor which looks a bit like any word processing software you may be used to.

One of the major benefits of a CMS site
is that once the site has been set up, it takes no technical knowledge of web designing to manage and amend any of the pages on your site.

The CMS we use and recommend is called Joomla! which is an opensource project and free to use, it is constantly upgraded and help and support is offered through the forum too. 

Joomla! is great for adding components to, you may want to add a Blog, a photo gallery or a shopping cart. Each component comes ready to install straight into your website.

This website is a Joomla! website and I have added some of the more popular components available for you to check out, as possible options available on your own site.

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