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Optimising your website for Search Engines

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Now we have a good idea of what search phrases need to be prominent, we can start by creating the folders, content pages, any javascript pages and templetes called names to include your main keywords.

On the actual web page that you can see now, there are Meta Tags in the source code that makes up the page which the search engines will pull data from in an effort to help index and to show a brief title & description of the page.

There are three main types of Meta Tags that are the most important to optimise. These are the crucial areas to include your keywords that you have found during your research.

The main Meta Tags are:

  • Title Element
  • Description Meta Tag
  • Keyword Meta Tag

The Title Element is one of the most important factors in ranking a website. It needs to be short (3-9 words), so no fluff, straight to the point. This is the clickable part in the search listings, it will link to your home page normally.

I usually try to fit the most important keywords in the title on the home page and also make sure it is directly relative to the content on the page.

Every page should have a different Title Element with relevent keywords to the content. This will give much more importance to each page of your site rather than leaving the Title the same and only your home page gets indexed.

The Description Meta Tag should be about 25-30 words and be a summary of your website. This is the part that shows up in the search engines description. It is not as keyword driven but you only have about to lines to sum up and draw people into your site so it is an important factor.

The Keyword Meta Tag is not as useful as it used to be for ranking due to overuse. I normally only put up to ten of the most important keywords, again, relevent to the content.

Tags cont.

The Header Tag is another important Tag, this is actually seen on your page as the main heading at the top of the page. Closely linked with the content and again should be one of your all important keywords.

I normally affect the look of this tag in the stylesheet (CSS) so you only need to load the colour and font style once.

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